The next auditions will take place in September of 2024.

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This summer, we'll be looking for another batch of singers (M/F/X) to strengthen Dekoor. Will you be joining us?

Entry requirements
- You're a passionate singer.
- You're a student at UU or HU.
- You're able to sing in tune and are quick to grasp notes about things like vocal technique or timing.
- You know how to sing in harmony with others.
- You're prepared to put in the time necessary (rehearsing on Tuesday nights, regular performances, theatre concerts in spring, two rehearsal weekends and work in committees).
- You 're able to be a part of Dekoor for multiple years.

(not required, but a nice bonus)
- You're able to read sheet music.
- You're able to improvise.
- You're able to beatbox (vocal percussion).

A Dekoor audition takes 15 minutes max.
- Prepare a pop or jazz song that you can sing for us a cappella (1 verse and chorus is enough).
- You may be asked to sing a contrasting song - for example, if you sang an uptempo, you may be asked to sing a bit of a ballad.
- Optionally, bring the sheet music/chords for your song.

In the audition, we'll test your vocal range, do some exercises with you and listen yo your song. Perhaps our conductor will work on your song with you for a bit, so that we can hear the best of you!

Would you like to get to know Dekoor? Please fill this form, and we'll put you on the interested list. We can't wait to meet you!
Not sure if Dekoor is for you yet? There'll be an open rehearsal on the 5th of September. Keep an eye on our socials for the exact time and location.